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    Composition themes is all about block themes for WordPress.

    The idea is simple, that block themes allow themes to finally get back to being what they always should be. With this in mind, expect the following:

    • A classic to block theme conversion service: It isn’t always easy to say ‘just do it’, so let’s enable you together and offer options along with tools in the future.
    • A foundation: Having worked on _s I know the power of a foundation. Composition themes isn’t about a framework, it’s about just what is needed then the styling does the rest. Putting the parts together.
    • Block-based themes: From themes that do things, to ones of pure art. There will be block-based themes available here.
    • Types: combined together patterns and templates to fit your perfect site type. Let’s get back to sites that fit the task in hand on install.

    Composition themes is not:

    • A site builder.
    • Anything other than core-first and block-based.

    Composition themes promise:

    • To create in the open.
      • From this list to creating early this site – this project is going to be created in the open.
    • To give back.
      • To release at least one theme to wordpress.org theme directory a quarter after the first one gets accepted. This is a commercial venture that will also include themes within there.
      • To send at least one pattern every month to the wordpress.org pattern directory after the first one gets accepted.
      • To contribute back to themes where possible within WordPress.
    • To collaborate.
      • To collaborate with plugins to bring block themes to them.
      • To collaborate with agencies to bring education around block themes.
    • To educate.
      • Block themes and the editor itself isn’t something everyone knows across all levels, that’s ok let’s learn together. From a blog to future courses, Composition themes is also about education.
    • To create tools.
      • Making themes needs to be easier, converting themes needs to be easier, let’s do this.
    • To create art.
      • Being practical is great, but the foundation of Composition themes is in art so there should also be themes that are pure art. Themes should be art, let’s get back to them being visual moments.
    • To experiment.
      • Some of the pieces created here might just be to see. There should be a freedom in the creative space to experiment with the features available.

    Currently the function of how Composition themes works out is being created, it most likely will have both a subscription model with additional benefits and the ability to pay per piece.
    There will always be free aspects, along with the blog – that’s part of the promise.

    Discover more about who is behind Composition themes.

Composition themes

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