• The first post: hello world

    As with all first project iterations this is often the hardest post to write. So hello world – as is custom! It’s been a long while working up to creating Composition Themes and finally seeing it alive is a perfect start to the new year.

    The reasons for doing this are so many. I truly believe that block themes are the way forward and it doesn’t matter what we call them. What matters is that themes have for too long been doing too much. That meant they neither got the job done they were intended to do because people were stuck in option paralysis or design haze – or they just looked the same. We lost our way and the art from theme craft.

    You can read more about the intentions of Composition themes, in short this will be a place for everything block themes, from being able to get your own, to getting your classic theme converted, from education to tools. There is a lot planned and the first is writing this post. This is all going to be done as much as possible in the open, because that’s the best way I’ve learnt to hold myself accountable to doing things as I’ve worked on projects.

    For now, thank you for whoever read this and let’s start this adventure!

Composition themes

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